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Guinea Greetings

Guinea Greetings
Guinea Greetings
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Personalised Father Christmas Letters and Certificate Samples
Dear Antony

What a busy Christmas season it is already! Mrs Claus has had a very busy start to
the festive season, looking after our new arrival, Gertie the Guinea Pig. Gertie
loves to play hide-n-seek amongst the gift boxes in the elves w0rkshop. She is a
very mischievous little piggy and keeps nibbling the candy canes hanging from our
magical Christmas trees!
Your Mummy reminded me of how well behaved you have been this year, which is
fantastic for a boy of 7 years old. You've been keeping your room tidy, learning to
play the flute and being kind to your little sister Isabel. Your family are so proud of
you .... well done Antony!
As I look over my naughty and nice list for a second time, I was very impressed that
you are high up the good list. The elves and I agree that you deserve to get
something extra special this year.
So, if you promise to take good care of it and to be a very responsible owner, I
will be bringing you a fantastic new bike this Christmas, maybe the new red bike
you have been wishing for!
There's lots to be done here in the North Pole. The reindeer need new bells for
their harnesses, more red ribbon needs curling for the gifts and Mrs Claus needs
some help in the kichen making chocolate chip cookies for those greedy elves ...
oh, the list is endless!
Well, the elves tell me it’s time to judge the peppermint stick contest, so I best
be on my way...
I will soon set off on my long journey to visit you and your best friend Max in Inverness.
I am very excited to visit the homes of so many good little boys and girls all around
the world. Please don’t forget to leave a carrot for the reindeer and I sure hope you leave
a tasty mince pie or two ..,  I’ll be very hungry after such a long journey.
Remember to snuggle into bed nice and early on Christmas Eve!
Enjoy all the festive activities and have a wonderful Christmas Antony

Your good friend

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